Clear Braces  San Diego, CA

When you step into our practice, you can rest assured that your child’s dental and orthodontic needs will be taken care of. In order to help your child feel confident, while getting the orthodontic care that they need, we offer clear braces in San Diego, California.

Clear braces are a subtle option for braces. They work just like traditional metal braces, only they are made to blend in with the color of your child’s teeth, giving them a more discreet appearance.

These braces will gradually shift you child’s teeth over a period of time in order to give them a healthy and aesthetically pleasing smile, without the obtrusive look that traditional braces can have. This means that clear braces are an excellent option for a teenager who is apprehensive of how braces will change their appearance. Picture day is saved, and there is no longer a need for a “mouthful of metal” in order to have straighter teeth.

Helping your child feel better about their orthodontic treatment is important, because straighter teeth can affect more than just their appearance. It can have an affect on their overall health. Properly aligned teeth have been found to general have a lower risk of tooth decay, periodontal disease and other dental problems.

If you are interested in learning more about how Dr. Soudabeh Sharafi can help using clear braces, contact our office today at 858-259-1400 and we can set you up with an appointment with our dentist.

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